Whitefield area is becoming the first choice of professionals

Financially accessible homes bundled with state-of-the-art facilities are gaining popularity in the real estate sector as ‘affordable luxury homes’. Luxury homes cater to high net worth individuals (HNIs) as it demands a premium for the taste of ultra-modern amenities and the use of excellent finishing materials in prime locality making it ineligible for middle-income purchases. The highest demand in the real estate sector is seen by middle-income purchasers who seek luxury lifestyles at reasonable prices. The apartment for sale in Whitefield has been designed based on this style. The rapidly growing demand for this segment cannot be ignored, so developers are trying to reach a wider segment by building homes with luxury facilities at a cheaper rate. The possibility of enjoying high-end facilities without dragging the budget is a key attraction for such projects. And this attraction can be easily achieved in 3 BHK apartments in Whitefield.

Whereas Bangalore has emerged as a Silicon Valley and is expanding into a large economic sector. Whatever areas or suburbs are around it is also being developed in different stages. 1 BHK flat in Whitefield is the most preferred among these extended areas. Developers have to compromise on higher margins to join this segment, however, it helps them to sustain in a tough market as it is a fast-moving product that is growing customer base and boosting cash flow brainstorms manage the negative impact of market risk due to mobility.

On the other hand, purchases in this segment also have to compromise on some aspects for pocket-friendly homes with a luxury living experience, so these projects are not necessarily made in a posh neighborhood that the apartment offers extra spacious with branded furniture and fixtures. Those who are modern homebuyers are all looking forward to living in this Whitefield area which is considered to be a wonderful area of ​​Banglore.

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